Tuesday, 31 August 2010


As if its almost September, I'm sat here in my pjs, watching the devil wears prada, and contemplating this year. Its a weird year this year. As some of you may know I left school a year early, for no reason except it wasn't for me. Working for a year, as well as doing an internship in events co-ordination really taught me to grow up. And in 3 weeks time I will have just completed my first day back at college. I am so excited that I've got back into this. Because of my new found studentship, I decided to 'reinvent myself'. So maybe this isn't that drastic, but I threw out about 70% of my wardrobe and shoes, and bought it back, as well as starting the Dukan diet, which hurts I have to tell you, but god damn it it works. Orginising my home and life (I got a diary to make that easier). So yes, they're my thoughts for today :)

What would you guys like to see on the blog more? Outfits, posts like this one or celeb/fashion? Let me know :)

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