Saturday, 14 August 2010


I feel like I haven't updated in so long, when I looked, it was only yesterday. I think this is the start of a blogging addiction. i hope :). I've just been at work constantly these past 2 days, I've had no time for an outfit post, or any other post for that matter. But being at work for 2 days straight allowed me to have a look at the new seasons stock. Now I'm not big no Next clothes, I'm more vintage personally, but the accessories had me going all kinds of crazy. Above are 2 shoes that I'm considering getting, the first pair aren't shown to their true potential, they are in fact the most silver shoes I think I've ever seen, I am in pure love, as you can probably tell. These are a definite purchase, I'm rushing to the shop tomorrow as I forgot my card today. Love.  The second pair remind me of old Chanel, I think its the two-tone vibe, but I'm defiantly falling head over heels over here. These will be my secondary purchase, but I know I'll have both pairs by the end of the week. Fo'Sho. 
Both shoes- £50 from Next

My second love item is the week, is by far far far far the most beautiful messenger bag I've ever seen.  This Burberry beauty took my breath away, at a price of £1600, it is a little out of my price range, but I've seen a black satchel from ASOS, and some faux fur from my local fabric shop, armed with a needle and thread I think I'll incorperate fur into my wardrobe in about 2 hours, I hope.
Shirling Messenger Bag by Burberry Prorsum, £  

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