Friday, 27 August 2010


I though I'd post a blog about me, just with kind of a general insight into my life. I'll start with a little basic facts, and put a bit more about myself every few days

Name: Nicholas James Tadeusz Jenkin
Age: 18
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Occupation: Retail Assistant/Business Student
Favorite City: Krakow, Poland
Favorite Movie: The September Issue
Favorite Store: ASOS/Topman
Favorite Blog:

 now just for a general update on my life :)
this week has been crazy, everything seems so much worse when you're under the weather. i orginised the whole of my room today, my friends say its like i live in a walk in wardrobe, which is very true, clothes and accessories everywhere. i love clearing out my room, fresh start and stuff, just in time for college. I start college in about 3 weeks, its going to come so quickly, i need to start reading soon :S or else i'll be behind before i start. but before that i'm heading to Krakow for 4 days with my girlfriend, for a break to my favorite city, i love it there, its beautiful. starting tuesday i'm going on the dukan diet, only protein for a week, then slowly introducing everything else. apparently its why the french are thin, i want to be french, it works so well dont you think?
hopefully some more looks to come soon, when i was clearing out i found some gems i'm going to be wearing. watch this space :)

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